Get Involved

Register for Jagathon on TeamRaiser and start raising money FTK! You can join as an individual, a team, or create a new team. If you are planning to attend the 2018 event, your first step is to create your fundraising page. Once you are signed up, you can begin to fundraise- it will show up on your page! 

  • Become a Dancer for Jagathon

    Being a dancer for Jagathon is much more than standing on your feet for 15 hours. Being a dancer at Jagathon means supporting the kids at Riley Children's Health, and being part of a movement bigger than yourself. So what are you waiting for? Be a part of Jagathon, and register today!

    Now that you are registered, how can you prepare for the marathon? Join us in our cause FTK (For The Kids), and fundraise with us! Whether it's through canning, sharing your donation page, or simply donating $5 instead of grabbing your morning coffee, we invite each dancer to help support the kids who are right on campus at Riley Hospital for Children, fighting for their health. You can check out more about fundraising here! Each dancer must get a least one donation of any size beyond the registration fee to attend the event!

    Besides fundraising, how else can you prepare for the best one night stand of your life?! Be sure to follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube) for updates, tips, and information to help you. You can also learn more about the Riley kids you will be meeting at Jagathon! Once you are registered, you will be placed on a specific color team. We will be having color wars leading up to Jagathon 2017, and throughout the Dance Marathon as well. Be sure to stay updated on Color Wars opportunities to help your team win! 

    Now that you're registered and prepared, get pumped for the best Jagathon yet: March 3, 2018 at IUPUI's Campus Center. We cannot wait to see you there! 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Shai Dean, Director of Dancer Relations at 

  • Color Wars

    Once you register for Jagathon, you will be assigned to a color team! Your color team is who you will spend most of your time at the marathon with. The teams are comprised of different student organizations, groups of friends, and individuals! Every color team is led by three or four morale captains! They are your go-to people if you have any questions leading up to or during the event. Their primary role is to keep you HYPE throughout the year!

    Color Wars is a competition between color teams. Throughout the year and throughout the marathon, there will be various contests to see who has the most spirit FTK! In the past, we have done social media challenges, fundraising pushes, and a Pie in the Face event. Stay tuned to Jagathon’s social media accounts and your color team Facebook pages for more information and upcoming events. This year, we want Color Wars to be bigger than ever with more events and contests than before! 

    If you have any questions, please contact our Director of Dancer Relations, Shai Dean, at 

    Congratulations to the Pink Team- Winner of Color Wars 2016!

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • If I raise no money, can I still attend?
      • In an effort to get every dancer involved with our philanthropy, we ask every dancer to raise something FTK (For The Kids). Fundraising is super easy, and we will give you tools to succeed! 

    • Do I have to dance all night?
      • While Jagathon is a dance marathon, it is much more than dancing. You will have the opportunity to learn a line dance with your fellow dancers, but this it is optional! All that we ask is that you stand on your feet during the marathon, to show your support of the kids. 

    • ​​I did not register on a team but would like to be on a team. Is it too late to join a team?
      • ​No, it is not too late to join a team! If you would like to be placed on a specific team, please email Shai Dean, Director of Dancer Relations at
  • Join a Committee

    Interested in becoming part of the largest student-run philanthropy on campus? Apply to be on a Jagathon committee!

    2018 Committee Descriptions

    President | Ali Emswiller 

    Vice President of External Relations | Malissa Magiera

    • Community Engagement: Rosie Tarlton
      • Responsible for managing Jagathon sponsored events partnering with campus and community stakeholders
    • High School Dance Marathons: Claire Ralston
      • Responsible to mentor, support, and encourage high school dance marathons that are partnered with Jagathon
    • Public Relations: Kelsey Carter
      • Responsible for public relations and contact with other collegiate dance marathons
    • Marketing: Akash Khanna
      • Responsible for communication and awareness across the IUPUI campus
    • Merchandise: Krystyn Flynn
      • Responsible for designing, marketing, and selling merchandise

    Vice President of Finance | Tyler Richardson

    • Accounting: Kelsey Verbarg
      • Responsible for managing financial tracking spreadsheet
    • Fundraising: Jenna DeVoy
      • Responsible for fundraising initiatives including the canning calendar, the Day of Miracles fundraising plan, and the Jagathon in-event fundraising plan
    • In Kind Sponsorships: Johnna Belkiewitz
      • Responsible for all non-monetary donations including in-event catering
    • Monetary Sponsorships: Natalia Bilek
      • Responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with corporate sponsors to procure monetary donations
    • Campus Involvement: Kira Couch
      • Responsible for assisting schools and student organizations on campus plan and execute their events that benefit Jagathon

    Vice President of Internal Relations | Shelbie Walker

    • Entertainment: Taylor Cornelius
      • Responsible for brainstorming and researching entertainment ideas and communicating with outside entertainment 
    • Logistics: Brooke Ferguson
      • Responsible for day-of relations and capus center relations
    • Morale: Abby McComas
      • Responsible for Color Wars, teaching and creating the Morale Dance, keeping everyone motivated all year long *requires a tryout*
    • Special Ceremonies: Emily Egbers
      • Responsible for organizing, planning, and executing Opening and Closing Ceremonies, the Candlelight Ceremony, and Run to Riley
    • Traditions: Kaylee Tutrow
      • Responsible for planning annual Jagathon-sponsored events to raise funds and awareness for Jagathon and engage the IUPUI community

    Vice President of Membership |  Emily Cutcliffe 

    • Family Relations: Kori Bowen
      • Responsible for connecting the Riley families with the committee members and the dancers year-round
    • Recuruitment: Ryan Nail
      • Responsible for increasing participant numbers for the marathon
    • Dancer Relations: Shai Dean
      • Responsible for dancer education and communication after registration
    • Committee Relations: Alex Bajzatt
      • Responsible for tracking committee member requirements, communicating information to the committee members, and engaging the committees through committee activities and social events

    What is required of a committee member?

    Register: Make sure to register at Make sure to join as a committee member, and select the team of whichever committee you are joining. There is a one-time, $25 fee that does not count toward your fundraising requirement.

    Fundraising:As a committee member you are required to raise at least $250. As a chair, you are required to raise at least $500. Don’t worry, it is super easy to do, and the Executive Board is ready to help you if you need it!

    All-Committee Meetings:Attend at least three all committee meetings throughout the year and the final all committee meeting that will take place the week of Jagathon. This meeting consists of explaining tasks, set-up, tear-down, and night-of logistics. If you hold a chair position on the commitee, you have to attend at least 6 all commitee meeting throughout the year. 

    Ready to join the committee? Take me to the application!