An important part of Jagathon is fundraising, as all of the money raised goes right to pediatric research at Riley. Here you can find some helpful tips, resources, and ideas to help you fundraise FTK!

  • Canning

    Canning For The Kids

    Canning is a group going out into the community with a Riley Bucket to collect donations from the public. It is by far one of the easiest and most productive ways to raise your total for Jagathon. It's basically free money! Utilize this page to find out about canning opportunities, learn how to can, and even sign-up! 


    To sign-up, use the links below respectively. Please put your name and cell number on the sign-up. To get a bucket, please visit our Jagathon Cubicle in the IU Foundation Office within University Hall (301 University Blvd, Suite #1058). If you have never been before, try going with a committee member. They are experts at the techniques. 

    Committee & Dancer Sign-Up

    Now that you have been canning, you need to return the money. Just bring the money back to where you picked-up the bucket and fill out a canning sheet! It is that simple!


    This is somewhat of a two-part answer. Obviously, a huge part of going canning is to raise money for your total, and in turn for Jagathon/Riley Hospital for Children. But, (unfortunately) not everyone you ask will give you money. People may not even respond to you when you ask. With this in mind, our biggest goal is to have people walking away with a favorable impression of Jagathon.

    Optimize Your Canning Session

    The process of asking for donations can be a little intimidating if you have never done it before (or even if you have!). When broken into three simpler steps, canning is a much easier process.



    People canning often shout at passers-by to see if they would like to donate. This method is okay, but only yields results part of the time. Instead of yelling at them, be friendly and start by just saying “Hello.”


    2. THE PITCH

    By this point, you have already gotten their attention and they are ready to hear you speak. A specific, quick pitch is generally the key to success here. An example:

    "Would you (all) like to donate to Riley Hospital for Children? The money is going towards pediatric research for the kids."



    So, now you're well on your way. You've gotten their attention, made your pitch, and now you're waiting for a response. If they donate (oh yeah!), show true gratitude and positivity. Thank them for donating (even if it's only a few pennies), and remind how it all adds up to help the kids. If they don't have cash, don't be angry. With a smile, thank them for listening to you. Regardless of which response you receive, leave them with a nice goodbye.


    So, there you have it! With these three steps and a little practice, you will be well on your way towards helping the kids. As you are probably aware, people go out in Indianapolis almost every night of the week (especially Thurs-Sat.), so you will have plenty of chances to go canning. To make your experience the best it can be, here are a few parting tips:

    ·      When holding the can, always position it so that the label faces the people you approach, and be sure to hold it high enough that people can read it.

    ·      Sometimes, you don't even need to ask someone for a donation. Throwing out complements such as "hey nice sweater!" (but only if you really mean it) or commenting on the weather is enough to get their attention. Once you've had this interaction (with the can visible), they will often ask for what you are canning.

    ·      Do not get discouraged if things aren't going well. Remember that every penny you receive is one more cent that goes towards saving the life of a child. That's an awesome thing, and you get to be part of it! Plus, while there are slow spells, they are usually followed by huge rushes of people!

    ·     Always bring a friend! With two people (each with their own can), you can approach twice as many people. It's nice to have someone to talk with, too.

    ·      Dress for the weather. While a light jacket in the winter may cut it for the walk to your car from your room, it probably won't do the job if you are outside for 2 hours.

    ·      Stay the full shift. You may start to get cold or tired, but every minute you are out there is another opportunity to spread happiness/raise money. Plus, the longer you stay, the more money you'll raise. Guaranteed.

    Good luck canning! This should definitely help you along, but remember that it is how you use your own particular skills that will make you the best canner in the end. Use this guide as your base, and expand from there.

    Want more tips on canning? Download our Canning 101 sheet!

  • Online Donations


    When you register as a dancer for Jagathon, you are given an online fundraising page. This page is pretty generic to begin, but with a couple basic steps, it can be personalized. This personalization makes it much more effective in terms of fundraising. To customize your page, simply log onto 

    After you sign-in, click on My Profile and then My Participant Center. Once here, you can change your fundraising goal, see current progress, and even read messages from your team captain. 

    To personalize your page, simply click on Personal Page. Here you can change your profile picture and write a special message to those who visit your page.  

    The last thing to do is shorten your URL. This is easily done and we suggest making your extension a simple form of your name. This way it is easier to tell friends and family about your page. Now that you have personalized your page, it will be much more effective for fundraising FTK!


    A very easy way to get the word out is to share your page on social media. You can include the link in your bio sections or tweet it out as the event gets closer. Also, share your page on Facebook. It is fairly easy, but reaches a wide audience. You could even include a comment stating that if people do not donate, you understand but encourage them to share the page as well. 



    Throughout the year, try to update your page. Maybe add a short story about your favorite canning experience or upload a photo of you and other dancers fundraising. Also, if you reach your goal before the event, that is AMAZING! Reach for the moon and change your goal on My Participant Center. Continue to update your page throughout the year to keep your supporters engaged.

    For more information on how to customize your page, please watch our tutorial here.

  • Letter Writing

    Letter Writing Campaign


    Letter writing is one of the oldest and most trusted ways to raise money for the kids. Although is may seem slightly old-fashioned, a letter is truly effective. These letters are fairly short (one page) and describe our cause and how the recipients can help the kids. These can be sent to anyone- you would be surprised who gives!

    Here is a list of people you should consider writing to:

    • family members: parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, grandparents
    • family doctor/dentist/optometrist
    • teachers you have had at IUPUI or prior to coming to school here

    Click here to download the Letter Writing Template!

    Once you have completed the letter, you can put it in a sealed envolope and bring it to Jagathon Advisor Pete Hunter at Suite #1058 in University Hall (301 University Blvd). We will provide the stamp and mail it for you. If we receive a donation, it will be added to your TeamRaiser page!

  • Recognition

    The Circle of Hope

    To show our gratitude for those who have gone above and beyond their fundraising duties, the names of those who became members of The Circle of Hope by raising over $1,000 For The Kids are listed below.  

    JAGATHON 2016

    Kelly Barbret, Claire Blankenberger, Kelsey Carter, Alexandra Carter, Madeline Chiado, 
    Emily Cutcliffe, Priya Dave, Brooke Ferguson, Rylee Hamilton, Rebekah Lawson,
    Matthew Lowery, Malissa Magiera, Caleb Martin, Kendra Mifflin, Thomas Neal,
    Tori Phillips, Darrell Pirtle, Rosie Tarlton

    JAGATHON 2017

    Isabel Adams, Kelly Barbret, Natalia Bilek, Claire Blankenberger, Kiersten Boyer, Anna Bruick Lindsey Budnik, Kelsey Carter, Emily Cutcliffe, Jenna DeVoy, Ali Emswiller, Brooke Ferguson, Alexandria Gardner, Rylee Hamilton, Akash Khanna, Alexandria Kirk, Ryan Lattimore, Rebekah Lawson, Malissa Magiera, Kendra Mifflin, Stephanie Munoz, Rosie Tarlton, Erin Terry, Kaylee Tutrow, Brenna Vernego, Paige Vogus, Jordan Williams