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Meet Our 2019 Executive Board

Shelbie Walker, President

Hometown: New Castle, IN

Major: Chemistry

Positions Served: HSDM Committee Member, Director of HSDMs, VP of Internal Relations, President

Fun Fact: I have been in Dance Marathon for the past seven years!

Favorite DM Memory: My favorite dance marathon memory was at Jagathon 2017 when all of the Executive Board got in a big circle hug before Director Reveal. We reflected on all that had occurred that year and how many miracles we were about to make. It was one of the moments when you realize the people you had spent so much time within the past year had become your family.

Akash Khanna,

VP of External Relations

Hometown: Avon, IN

Major: Marketing

Positions Served: Social Media Coordinator, Director of Marketing (2 years)

Fun Fact: When I was 8 years old, I stole my dad's car and drove around the neighborhood to show off in front of my friends.

Favorite DM Memory: Favorite DM memory was Jagathon 2018 Director reveal. I was standing between my best friends and when the numbers were raised, we all started crying because it reflected all the hard work we had put in to make that happen.

Ali Emswiller,

VP of Finance

Hometown: Frankfort, IN

Major: Nonprofit Management Graduate Student

Positions Served: 2015 Dancer; 2016 Riley Relations Chair and Director of Special Events; 2017 Vice President of Finance; 2018 President

Fun Fact: I've been to Disneyland and Disneyworld in the same week!

Claire Ralston,

VP of Internal Relations

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Major: Philanthropy

Positions Served: Franklin Central Chair of Family Relations, Franklin Central DM Co-President, Jagathon High School Dance Marathon Chair, Jagathon Director of High School Dance Marathons, Jagathon Vice President of Internal Relations

Fun Fact: I am a Riley kid myself! I have been seeing a physician at Riley since first grade when they discovered a rare vision impairment in my left eye.

Emily Egbers,

VP of Membership

Hometown: Lawrenceburg, IN

Major: Sports Managment

Positions Served: Entertainment Committee Member, Special Ceremonies Chair, Special Ceremonies Director

Fun Fact: Ice cream for breakfast, ice cream for lunch, ice cream for dinner.

Favorite DM Memory: The second I saw we hit half a million dollars during the director reveal.

Kaylee Tutrow,

Director of Campus Outreach

Hometown: Greenfield, IN

Major: Neuroscience & Psychology

Positions Served: Director of Special Ceremonies, Director of Traditions

Fun Fact: I met Hunter Hayes this year!

Favorite DM Memory: My favorite DM memory is when the total was revealed during the Day of Miracles during my first year on the Executive Board of Jagathon. I remember how amazing it was to see was to how many people come together for our cause, how our fundraising affected our families, and how much one campus of passionate students could accomplish For The Kids.

Chelsea Walker,

Director of Community Engagement

Hometown: New Castle, IN

Major: Biology/ Dental Hygiene

Positions Served: Chair of High School Dance Marathons (2 years), Traditions Chair

Fun Fact: I once met Lebron James. He said hi to me and I didn't recognize him.

Favorite DM Memory: Playing in hamster balls with BJ, one of our awesome Riley kids.

Alexa Carr,

Director of High School Dance Marathons

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Major: Biology and Medical Humanities

Positions Served: Chair for Center Grove Dance Marathon

Fun Fact: I've had the same best friend my entire life!

Favorite DM Memory: My favorite memory was when each high school revealed their total during  Jagathon 2018. It was so great to see everyone reach their goals and watch their reactions!

Sarah Estes,

Director of Marketing

Hometown: Elkhart, IN

Major: Marketing

Positions Served: Graphics Coordinator

Fun Fact: I can say the alphabet backward.

Favorite DM Memory: My first total reveal freshman year as a dancer, I was so inspired to get involved, that I joined the marketing team the following year.

Courtney Eytchison,

Director of Merchandise

Hometown: Anderson, IN

Major: Neuroscience

Positions Served: Budget Chair on Merchandise Committee, Director of Merchandise

Fun Fact: I don't have any tattoos or piercings (not even ears). I don't like needles.

Favorite DM Memory:Last year was my first Dance marathon. Before that, I had never heard of a dance marathon. It was amazing to see so many people gathered for such a moving event. The number of people that came together to make a difference in the lives of children was remarkable.

Gage Jackson,

Director of Public Relations

Hometown: Cumberland, IN

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies (Biology, Psychology. Behavioral Neuroscience)

Positions Served: NPHS committee member (2015), Jagathon Website/App Chair (Fall 2018)

Fun Fact:  I've met Steve Harvey and his family!

Favorite DM Memory: My favorite part about DM's is the friends you make along the way. I love working with people that would rather do things for others than themselves.

Austin Marsh,

Director of Accounting

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Major: Accounting

Positions Served: Spreadsheet Chair

Fun Fact: I once pumped a gas tank to 10 dollars even. No lie.

Favorite DM Memory: Jagathon 2017!

Kira Couch,

Director of Fundraising

Hometown: Naperville, IL

Major: Biology and Spanish

Positions Served: Coordinator of Push Days, Director of Campus Outreach

Fun Fact: I've shaved my head twice to raise money for pediatric cancer research!

Favorite DM Memory: Being enveloped by hugs when I was sobbing during the Candlelight Ceremony at Jagathon 2018!

Macy Jackson,

Director of In-Kind Sponsorships

Hometown: Clay City, IN

Major: Philanthropic Studies & Nonprofit Management

Positions Served: Cause Connection Chair for Family Relations

Fun Fact: I should have been born in a different decade.

Favorite DM Memory: The night my nephew, a former Riley kid, got to attend his first Dance Marathon.

Sydney LaDuke,

Director of Monetary Sponsorships

Hometown: Floyds Knobs, Indiana

Major: Elementary Education

Positions Served: Fundraising Chair

Fun Fact: I'm actually a professional ice cream cone maker!

Favorite DM Memory: My favorite memory from dance marathon would be my junior year of high school and it was my first year as an extensive member and our goal for the year was to raise $100,000 and we ended up raising over $111,000. It was the absolute best moment of my life!

Haley Dean,

Director of Entertainment

Hometown: Sullivan, IN

Major: Dental Hygiene

Positions Served: Dance Relations Chair, Dance Relations Director, Entertainment Director

Fun Fact: I lived with a Japanese family in Japan the summer before my Junior year of high school.

Favorite DM Memory: My favorite DM memory was practicing for final reveal the night before the 2018 marathon. Everyone's excitement and hardworking was building into this one event and it was extremely humbling and rewarding.

Pranav Ayyagari,

Director of Logistics

Hometown: Carmel, IN

Major: Neuroscience

Positions Served: Committee member in Monetary Sponsorship, Committee member in Logistics

Fun Fact: My favorite show is House MD

Favorite DM Memory: Final Reveal

Erin Connell,

Director of Morale

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Major: Social Work

Positions Served: High School Dancer, Advertising Committee, Morale Committee, Morale Director College - Morale Color Captain, Director of Morale

Fun Fact: My dream job is working as a Disney Princess in Disney World.

Favorite DM Memory: My favorite memory is from the Dance Marathon Leadership Conference (DMLC) this past July when I led the Jagathon Executive Board in the Morale Dance Showcase. It was so much fun and I loved being able to see the reactions of all of the other Dance Marathon programs around the country for our amazing morale dance!

Jada (Jae) Williams,

Director of Special Ceremonies

Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN

Major: Exercise Science Pre-OT

Positions Served: Dancer, Coordinator of Ceremony Organizations, Chair of Run to Riley and Closing Ceremony

Fun Fact: I sleep with a stuffed giraffe every night named "Jerry the Giraffe".

Favorite DM Memory: My favorite DM memory was the 2018 Candlelight ceremony. The live band, the memorial slideshow, the Weisenbach family, and the overall atmosphere was a moving experience.

Mackenzie Taylor,

Director of Traditions

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN (Southside)

Major: Communication Studies, PR, and Advertising

Positions Served: Morale Committee Co-Director (High School DM), High School Dance Marathon Committee Chair (Jagathon)

Fun Fact: I love to crochet.

Favorite DM Memory: Last year, I loved watching all of our high schoolers' reactions to their total reveals and seeing all of their hard work pay off!

Hannah Sparks,

Director of Committee Relations

Hometown: Sellersburg, IN

Major: Biology

Positions Served: Communications Chair for Dance Relations

Fun Fact: I have hiked the Grand Canyon!

Favorite DM Memory: Seeing everyone participate in Run to Riley!

Jen DeVoy,

Director of Dancer Relations

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Major: Health Sciences

Positions Served: Traditions Committee Chair, Director of Fundraising

Fun Fact: I met Brett Eldredge in Walmart!

Favorite DM Memory: When the Riley families surprised the executive board at Jagathon 2018 with a meeting to tell us how much Jagathon means to them.

Kori Bowen,

Director of Family Relations

Hometown: Terre Haute, IN

Major: Health Sciences

Positions Served: Family Relations Committee Member, Director of Family Relations

Fun Fact: A fun fact about me is that when I was born I was so tiny that my dad was able to fit his wedding ring around my wrist.

Favorite DM Memory: My favorite DM memory was all of our Riley families gathering around the exec board last year during the final few hours of the marathon to give us the strength that we needed to push through our exhaustion. Their support and gratitude toward Jagathon as a whole during my first year as a director absolutely melted my heart.

Brooke Ferguson,

Director of Recruitment

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Major: Criminal Justice

Positions Served: Chair of Committee Outreach, Director of Traditions, Director of Logistics

Fun Fact: I have had 13 injuries, but never broken a bone.

Favorite DM Memory: This past year we had a "meeting" mid-event, but it was really just a surprise from our families to tell us how much they appreciate what we do all year long and how much they love us. Needless to say, lots of tears happened in that meeting.