About Jagathon

One campus coming together for one cause. For The Kids.

Dance Marathon is neither a dance nor a marathon; it is a celebration of life. Jagathon has been helping children with life-threatening illnesses for sixteen years, giving financial and emotional support to hundreds of families across Indiana. The money raised through our event is given directly to Riley Hospital for Children through the Children’s Miracle Network.

At IUPUI, we celebrate Dance Marathon the first weekend in March. We listen to music, play games, hang out with the kids and families we support, and even do a bit of dancing.  Dance Marathon is For The Kids- that’s always our focus. Jagathon is a 365 day commitment to raising money for Riley Hospital for Children. With the goal of raising money for Riley comes the yearly celebration of our hard work during Dance Marathon Weekend. In 2018, we raised over $501,000 for the kids. Over the last fifteen years, Jagathon has raised over $1,271,000 for the kids.

Jagathon will be taking place from 12 PM on March 2nd to 3 AM on March 3rd. Please join our efforts by making a donation or by participating in our marathon.