Jagathon: IUPUI's Dance Marathon

Jagathon 2023 Countdown

Mark your calendars for March 3-4, 2023! You can fill out the Involvement Application (also known as the Divison Member Application) to be on a Division or you can register as a participant for our 2023 event. We can't wait to see everyone at the main event!

Riley Kids

These kids are the reason we do what we do and we want to make sure that they are getting the recognition they deserve for fighting the fight they continue everyday. We hope you remember these stories when you're dancing on March 3-4th, 2023.


Fundraiser Help

Can't find the right words when asking for a donation? Check out our fundraising page for some more ideas on who to contact and some templated messages that you can copy and paste! Happy fundraising!

Fundraising Help

2023 IUPUI'S Dance Marathon

March 3-4, 2023


Awards Presented by Children's Miracle Network Hospitals