VIDA Health Partnerships at IUPUI

About Us


VIDA Health Partnerships is an student led organization at IUPUI that works to expand access to quality healthcare and to empower students and volunteers to tackle today’s most pressing global health challenges. To achieve this goal, VIDA works with multiple partners to implement community-based health and development projects. Through advocacy, fundraising, and volunteerism VIDA strives to empower IUPUI students to lead the fight for global health equity and to deliver the promise of a healthy future to our local community and host communities abroad. 

This mission is fulfilled through VIDA’s domestic and international service opportunities. The IU Student Outreach Clinic, GOAL University, Good News Ministries Clinic, and Kindred Hospice Care are domestic programs that allow students to advocate for health equity through the combination of volunteerism and exploration into the challenges that local communities faces in pursuing their highest health potential. VIDA also partners with 7 Elements to address the health needs of international populations. 7 Elements is an organization that works to provide sustainable solutions to human security issues, to send medical service teams to support the work of international community partners and channels medical, financial, and human resources to communities. Through this international partnership, VIDA hopes to build awareness of the 7 elements of human security, as defined by the United Nations, including the following: Health, Economic, Political, Food, Environment, Personal, and Community.