International Service

Why Serve with Timmy?

Service is a primary focus of Timmy Global Health at IUPUI. We are involved in both local and international service initiatives that provide our volunteers with opportunities to share their skills and talents through engagement with their community.

Service is the primary means by which Timmy students most directly impact the communities supported by Timmy Global Health. At IUPUI, Timmy students serve as volunteers at one of Timmy’s many international partner sites, specifically in the Dominican Republic, where they work closely with a Timmy medical team and local community partner to provide direct healthcare services and health education to vulnerable populations.

International Medical Service Trip

7eMembers of the IUPUI chapter of Timmy Global Health have the opportunity to assist in Timmy Global Health’s international mission of improving access to healthcare over spring break by supporting medical professionals at free clinics in communities surrounding Las Cañas, Dominican Republic. Timmy Global Health's efforts in Las Cañas are made possible through its local community partner, 7elements. Thoroughout the year, Timmy Global Health at IUPUI's fundraising efforts support 7elements in providing medicines for the annual medical service trip and continuous on-the-ground healthcare support for the communities surrounding Las Cañas.

The medical service trip is a credit-bearing experience and course at IUPUI. The experience also counts as an international "I" experience for the RISE Initiative. Participating students can elect to receive one-credit hour through the IUPUI School of Science to become eligible for numerous IUPUI-affiliated scholarships.

The 2017 medical service trip participants have already been selected. For more information regarding this opportunity, please email our 2017 co-trip leaders, Kristin Bredhold and Jarrett Campbell, at

Sustainability of Involvement

Unlike other medical service programs, Timmy Global Health prides itself on its sustainable model of healthcare. Every 90 days, a group of Timmy Global Health chapter volunteers and medical professionals travel to the same communities in Las Cañas to provide continuity of healthcare services. Additionally, 7elements supports local medical professionals to provide follow-up care.