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2016-2017 Timmy Global Health at IUPUI Executive Board
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2016 Timmy Global Health National Conference

2016-2017 Executive Board

Executive Leadership

Emily Sampson, President

Abby Hadley, Vice President

Pete Hunter, Advisor

Advocacy Leadership

Katie Henderson, Director of Advocacy

Daniel Bose, Director of Media

Luke Haskins, Director of Marketing

Fundraising Leadership

Johnna Belkiewitz, Director of Fundraising

Katie Randall, Director of Administration

Jena Rasor, Co-Director of Events (Sem I)

Annie Covington, Co-Director of Events (Sem II)

Jenny Yang, Co-Director of Events (Sem I and II)

Service Leadership

Juan Sanchez, Co-Trip Leader

Blliott Beckner, Co-Trip Leader

Kylie Knoblet, Director of Get Onboard Active Living

Hope Luker, Director of the Indiana University Student Outreach Clinic

Victor Olafusi, Director of Food Access Initiative

Miranda Stumbo, Director of Engagement

Victor Olafusi, Director of Service Saturdays

Justina Weiss, Director of High School Mentorship

At-Large Board Members

Colton Pratt, School of Science Undergraduate Student Council Representative