2022 Presidential Board


The Presidential Board for Jagathon 2022 is loving, hard-working, and passionate about Pediatric Research! All five of them come together in a great way to help the rest of the Jagathon committee function as well as it does! They work so hard everyday to make Jagathon what it is!

Now, drumroll please...

Your 2022 Presidential Board!!

President: Caleb Shannon

First up is the head man himself, Caleb Shannon! Caleb is a Senior and has been involved in Jagathon since his freshman year! He has held many different positions throughout his years in Jagathon! His previous positions include Morale Committee Member, Morale Events Chair, Director of High School Dance Marathons, and now President!
Caleb Shannon

  • Hometown: Fremont, Indiana
  • Major: Psychology
  • Future Career Goals: Child Life Specialist
  • Fun Fact: Caleb was born 3 months premature. 
  • Favorite Jagathon Memory: Sign painting with last year's VP of External Relations, Alexa Carr. Also being apart of the highest fundraising Morale Committee EVER!!!
  • Why does Caleb dance?
    • Caleb dances for all the premature children who are not able to go home to their families. He dances for all the children and families who need constant support from medical staff, and for the kids that are fighting to live another day.

Vice President of External Relations: Courtney Thompson

Next up is Courtney Thompson! Courtney oversees the 5 directors that handle the "external" aspects of Jagathon. This includes our social media, high school dance marathons, and our interaction in the Indianapolis Community. Courtney is a Junior and has held two other positions in Jagathon including Committee Chair on Committee Relations and Director of Family Relations! 

Courtney Thompson

  • Hometown: Watseka, Illinois
  • Major: Nursing
  • Future Career Goals: NICU or Pediatric RN
  • Fun Facts: Courtney was a competitive dancer for 15 years. She got to travel to New Jersey with her team to compete in the World Dance Championship against multiple different countries!
  • Favorite Jagathon Memory: Canning for the first time, and taking pictures in the "Indy" sign downtown. 
  • Why does Courtney Dance?
    • Courtney dances for those who can't. She dances for the kids past, present, and future generations who will receive treatment at Riley Hospital for Children. "Here's to more miracles!"- Courtney

Vice President of Finance: Allie Watson

Our next VP is Allie Watson! Her role is pretty obvious, she handles the financial side of Jagathon! Along with her 5 directors, Allie finds volunteer fundraising, keeps track of fundraising, and other financial responsibilities! Allie is a Sophomore. She was a Committee Chair on the Logistics Committee her freshman year here at IUPUI.
Allie Watson
  • Hometown: Whiteland, Indiana
  • Major: Organizational Leadership
  • Future career Goals: Professional Fundraiser
  • Fun Facts: Allie has two cats, loves Chipotle, and has 4 younger siblings! 
  • Favorite Jagathon Memory: The main event last year and getting to see how excited all of the directors were during the final reveal!
  • Why does Allie dance?
    • Allie dances for Kolton Mitchell, her best friend's little brother who spent almost a year at Riley Hospital for Children to receive a life saving bone marrow transplant!

Vice President of Membership: Amelia Shull

Amelia Shull is the next VP up! Amelia and her 5 directors work together to recruit committee members and participants to Jagathon! Amelia has been on the Morale Committee and has been a Morale Event's chair while in Jagathon!

Amelia Shull

  • Hometown: Ligonier, Indiana
  • Major: Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Leadership with a minor in Psychology and a certificate in Human Resource Management. 
  • Future Career: work for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals as a Dance Marathon Coordinator. 
  • Fun Facts: She has a Schnoodle named Loki, hence, she is a huge Marvel fan! Amelia also enjoys reading and watching Netflix in her free time. 
  • Favorite Jagathon Memory: When she performed the Jagathon 2020 Morale Dance on stage with her besties! "#OnceMoraleAlwaysMorale"- Amelia
  • Why does Amelia dance?
    • Amelia dances for her best friend's nephew who courageously battled cancer at Riley Hospital for Children. She dances for the advancement in pediatric healthcare for the next generation of kids, to change kids health, and change the future.