Operations 2022


The Operations Division of Jagathon coordinates all of our events! They help plan and run events like Battleships, the Jaguars Hunt scavenger hunt, and all the events leading up to the main event in March! The 5 amazing Operations Directors are overseen by their VP Tim Hostetler! If you want to hear about Tim, check out the Presidential Board Blog! Meet your Operations Directors below!

Director of Entertainment: Karunya Gade

First up is the Director of Entertainment, Karunya Gade. Karunya is a senior and she started her journey as a Committee Member on the Traditions Committee her freshman year. She then moved onto the Events Chair on the Traditions Committee in 2020, then Director of Special Ceremonies in 2021! Karunya's role is to help find entertainment for our events and to help organize the timeline! IMG_8001.jpg

  • Hometown: Fishers, IN
  • Major: Biology and Chemistry
  • Future Career Goals: Medical School
  • Fun Fact: Karunya loves to travel! So far she has visited 12 different countries!
  • Favorite Jagathon Memory: Being in the hype room for Marathon to Miracles 2020 and my first final reveal at the 2019 event!
  • Why does Karunya dance?
    • She dances for her cousin who passed away due to a genetic disorder when she was just hours old, and for all of the kids and their families at Riley Hospital for Children who are still fighting on!

Director of Logistics: Emily Tedder

Next is Emily Tedder, the Director of Logistics! Emily helps communicate with the school for events we have and helps create the timeline of the main event. Emily started her journey with Jagathon in 2020 on the Fundraising Committee. She then joined the Morale Committee for the 2021 Event!   IMG_8001.jpg

  • Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
  • Major: Media Arts and Science
  • Future Career Goals: Digital Marketing
  • Fun Fact: Emily has been playing the violin for 9 years! She also jumped off a bridge 30 feet above the Pacific Ocean and snorkeled over a shark.
  • Favorite Jagathon Memory: Filming the 2021 Morale dance in front of the IUPUI sign!
  • Why does Emily dance?
    • She dances to help strengthen the fight for all kids.

Director of Morale: Payton West

The next Director is Payton West, Director of Morale! Payton is a senior and has been on Morale her whole time in Jagathon! She has been the Song Chair on Morale and was also previously a member of the Dance Subcommittee! Payton's job is to choreograph the Morale Dance! The Morale dance is a huge part of our main event! IMG_8001.jpg

  • Hometown: Charleston, IL
  • Major: Psychology
  • Future Career Goals: Attend a graduate program for Elementary Education to become a teacher!
  • Fun Fact: Payton can play 3 instruments (flute, drums, and ukulele)! She also presented her research project at a national conference last year. Payton, along with her Grandma, Aunt, and Mom were all baptized together, and it will always be one of her most cherished memories.
  • Favorite Jagathon Memory: 2020's Final Morale Dance! "The energy and emotions at the end of an event are unmatched!" She also got to attend the Director Reveal for Jagathon 2021 as one of the highest fundraising committee chairs!
  • Why does Payton dance?
    • Service and fundraising had always been a passion of Payton's since she was young. Jagathon provided her a way to connect to the community here as an out of state student, and has allowed her to get involved with that passion here. "I dance for all of my friends and family that have had a connection with a children’s hospital, and for our future generation."- Payton

Director of Special Ceremonies: Emily Turner

The next Director is Emily Turner, the Director of Special Ceremonies! Emily is a senior who joined the Jagathon Family her first year at IUPUI as a Special Ceremonies Committee Member. She stayed a Committee Member on Special Ceremonies the following year, and then became a Chair! Last year she was the Director of Entertainment! Emily's role is to plan the different ceremonies we have throughout the main event!IMG_8001.jpg

  • Hometown: Lawrenceburg, IN
  • Major: Elementary Education
  • Future Career Goals: Elementary School Teacher
  • Fun Fact: Emily loves going to concerts, binge watching tv shows, and listening to music! She also met Post Malone while canning in Indy!
  • Favorite Jagathon Memory: Emily's favorite Jagathon memory is when Jagathon raised over $500k during her first year being a member!
  • Why does Emily dance?
    • Emily dances for all of the kiddos, and she will continue to dance for all kids for pediatric research!

Director of Traditions: Marissa Schwarz

Last but not least, the Director of Traditions, Marissa Schwarz! Marissa is a Junior! She started her journey with Jagathon her Freshman year as a Committee Member on the Fundraising Committee! She was a Committee Member on the Morale Committee her second year! Her role is to plan the fun events to keep committee and participants engaged throughout the year! Marissa has planned Jaguars Hunt, Battleships, and is currently working on Dancing with the Stars and Celebration of Miracles.  IMG_8001.jpg

  • Hometown: Long Grove, IL
  • Major: Psychology with a minor in Forensic Science
  • Future Career Goals: Marissa hopes to work as a behavioral psychologist or work for the FBI.
  • Fun Fact: She loves reading, making jewelry and singing! Marissa is also a huge Marvel and Harry Potter fan!
  • Favorite Jagathon Memory: Marissa's first dance marathon! It was Jagathon 2020 and she had never done a dance marathon before and was so glad she got to experience the 15 hour marathon before everything was shut down by the pandemic.
  • Why does Marissa dance?
    • She dances because she wants to help further pediatric research. She also dances in the memory of children that she knows who have passed away from rare childhood diseases.