Membership 2022


The Membership Division works with everyone who is involved in Jagathon from Committee Members and Participants to Riley Families and Jagathon Alumni! The Membership Division also involves a huge aspect of Jagathon: Recruitment! We are always looking to grow our big happy family! All of the 5 lovely Directors are lead by their Vice President, Amelia Shull. Click here to learn about Amelia in the Presidential Board Blog! Meet the Directors of Membership below!

Director of Alumni Relations: Maddi Grace

First up is the Director of Alumni Relations, Maddi Grace! Maddi is a Senior and has been a part of the Jagathon family since her freshman year! She was the Noblesville High School Chair for the High School Dance Marathons Committee her freshman year! She then was the Center Grove High School Chair her sophomore year, and then the Communications Chair on Alumni Relations last year. Maddi's role is to help Jagathon communicate and engage alumni throughout the entire school year leading up to and during the main event! She also helps graduating members transition into the Jagathon Alumni Society! IMG_8001.jpg

  • Hometown: Granger, IN
  • Major: Nursing
  • Future Career Goals: Work in labor and delivery as a Nurse, then move on to medical school to become an OB hospitalist.
  • Fun Fact: Maddi played the violin for 10 years and traveled to Germany with the International Youth Symphony Orchestra through Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp! She likes to bake a lot, and over quarantine, she learned how to sew!
  • Favorite Jagathon Memory: Maddi's favorite memory is when she attended all the high school dance marathons with her committee her freshman and sophomore year!
  • Why does Maddi dance?
    • She dances for all the kids who don't get to have an easy, normal life.

Director of Committee Relations: Annemarie Stacey

Next up is the Director of Commitee Relations, Annemarie Stacey! Annemarie is a Junior! She has been in the Jagathon family since her freshman year where she was on the Family Relations Committee! She was then moved onto a Chair on Family Relations her Sophomore year! Annemarie's role is to oversee the committee members, encourage them, and hold the All Committee Meetings each month to keep them up to date! GroupMe_2021928_16537.jpeg

  • Hometown: Portage, MI
  • Major: Psychology BS
  • Future Career Goals: to work with children who have ASD in either a public school setting or special education as a psychologist. 
  • Fun Fact: Annemarie had a cat named Moose, is obsessed with Harry Styles, has watched the entire series of FRIENDS 30+ times, and she also played water polo in high school!
  • Favorite Jagathon Memory: Main event in 2020! It was her first ever Dance Marathon!
  • Why does Annemarie dance?
    • Annemarie dances so the kids and their families can focus on healing and staying positive and not worry about the financial aspect. A child's happiness is the most important thing to her, and she will do anything she can do to continue to keep kids smiling.

Director of Family Relations: Madeleine Wisler

The next Director is Madeleine Wisler! Madeleine is the Director of Family Relations! Madeleine is a Junior! She started her journey with Jagathon her freshman year on Family Relations as the Family Events and Cause Connection Chair! Last year she was the Director of Monetary Partnerships. She is our main contact for our wonderful Riley families and keeps the organization focused on the cause and the impact Jagathon has on pediatric research! She plans events for the families and invites them to other events! GroupMe_2021928_16537.jpeg

  • Hometown: Columbus, IN
  • Major: Chemistry
  • Future Career Goals: move onto medical school and do something in pediatrics!
  • Fun Fact: Madeleine loves cooking, dogs, and coffee!
  • Favorite Jagathon Memory: Setting up the Family Room for Jagathon 2020!
  • Why does Madeleine dance?
    • She dances for kids to have brighter futures.

Director of Participant Relations: Hanisha Battina

Next up is the Director of Participant Relations, Hanisha Battina. Hanisha is a Senior and has had many roles in Jagathon! She was a Participant at the 2019 event, the Benefit Concert Chair for the Community Engagement Committee in 2020, and then the Virtual Recruitment Chair for the Recruitment Committee last year! Hanisha's role is to oversee participants to make sure they are informed and excited for the Dance Marathon! She also leads the Jagathon Ambassadors program! To learn more, click on the "Jagathon Ambassadors" tab hereGroupMe_2021928_16537.jpeg

  • Hometown: Carmel, IN 
  • Major:Neuroscience and Biology
  • Future Career Goals: Hanisha hopes to go to medical school!
  • Fun Fact: Hanisha has played clarinet for nearly 10 years.
  • Favorite Jagathon Memory: 2020 Main Event! 
  • Why does Hanisha dance?
    • She dances for all the children and families fighting at Riley Children's Hospital!

Director of Recruitment: Olivia Vicory

The final Director in the Membership Division is the Director of Recruitment, Olivia Vicory. Olivia is a Senior who started her journey with Jagathon her freshman year on the Traditions Committee! She was in the Recruitment Committee last year as the Methods Chair! Olivia's role is to help our family grow by tabling and recruitment events! GroupMe_2021928_16537.jpeg

  • Hometown: Fishers, IN 
  • Major: American Sign Language Interpreting
  • Future Career Goals: ASL Interpreter
  • Fun Fact: Olivia competitively swam for 12 years. She is also obsessed with her two dogs, listening to music, and trying new coffee shops!
  • Favorite Jagathon Memory: Cutting her hair on stage at the 2019 Main Event and Marathon to Miracles her freshman year!
  • Why does Olivia dance?
    • She dances as someone who has experienced the amazing care provided at Riley and to continue to change children's health and support the families there now!