The Seniors of Jagathon 2021


20 people, 810 Dance Marathon hours, $88,566.45 raised For The Kids!
Together the seniors of Jagathon 2021 have made an impact to be proud of during their time at IUPUI!


Meet Jagathon 2021 Seniors! 

Megan Ahlgrim

Hometown: Fishers, IN

Major: Biology 


  • Fundraising Committee 2018-2019
  • Director of Fundraising 2019-2020
  • Director of Community Engagement 2020-2021

Favorite Jagathon Memory: "Marathon to Miracles 2020! Pushing for the last 1.5 hours to meet our goal and having all of the support in the picture above!"  

Jamie Batzloff

Hometown: Greenwood, IN

Major: Communication Studies 


  • Fundraising Committee 2018-2019
  • Fundraising Push Day Chair 2019-2020
  • Director of Fundraising 2020-2021

Favorite Jagathon Memory: "Getting my friend Aiden to join and seein how much fun he was having at the event. Glad I got him hooked!" 

Brooke Belloni

Hometown: Brownsburg, IN

Major: Barber/Cosmetology


  • Participant 2018-2019
  • Morale Committee 2019-2020
  • Morale Fundraising Chair 2020-2021

Favorite Jagathon Memory: "Performing the Morale Line dance live on stage in the 2020 event and winning Color Wars two years in a row!" 

Jocelyn Blackburn

Hometown: Pittsburg, PA

Major: Biology and Classical Studies 


  • Participant 2017-2018
  • Traditions Committee 2018-2019
  • Community Engagement Chair 2019-2020
  • Family Relations Chair  2020-2021

Favorite Jagathon Memory: "This is such a hard question! Probably the final Jagathon reveal at 4am last year. It was such a meaningful and inspirational moment surrounded by friends and peers and celebrating all of our hard work together for the kids! It was a great final experience before the pandemic!" 

Raven Brzeszkiewicz

Hometown: Park Forest, IL

Major: Biology B.A. 


  • Participant 2017-2018
  • Traditions Committee 2018-2019
  • Director of Traditions 2019-2020
  • VP of Membership  2020-2021

Favorite Jagathon Memory: "Leading a committee of eight wonderful individuals who I saw grow as leaders throughout the year as the Director of Traditions during Jagathon 2020."  

Alexa Carr

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Major: Philanthropic Studies and Biology


  • Chair of Center Gove DM 2017-2018
  • Director of High School Dance Marathon 2018-2019
  • VP of Membership 2019-2020
  • VP of External Relations  2020-2021

Favorite Jagathon Memory: "My favorite memory was final reveal 2020! It honestly just meant so much standing in the front row with some of my closest friends watching the executive board (also some of my closest friends :)) have huge smiles on their face getting ready to raise the final total. I could just see how proud everyone was, even before the boards were raised! In that moment, I didn’t even care what our total was, because I knew that we all came together and did all we could for the kids at Riley. I know saying final reveal is cliche, but it really just meant so much seeing all of the work from the year come together. I couldn’t stop crying in the best way for several days!" 

Tara Cummings

Hometown: St. Leon, IN

Major: Bachelor of Science in Nursing


  • Special Ceremonies Committee 2017-2018
  • Special Ceremonies Chair 2018-2019
  • Director of Committee Relations 2019-2020
  • Director of Participant Relations  2020-2021

Favorite Jagathon Memory: "2018 final reveal where Jagathon raised over half a million dollars for the first time! I knew from that moment this organization was going to make a big impact on my college years and it definitely has!"

Isra Haider

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Major: Biology B.A. and Sciology B.A. 


  • Participant 2017-2018
  • Family Relations Committee 2018-2019
  • Participant Relations Chair 2019-2020
  • Campus Outreach Chair  2020-2021

Favorite Jagathon Memory: "Attempting to do the Morale dance!" 

Kelly Joy

Hometown: St. John, IN

Major: Bachelor of Science in Nursing


  • Participant 2017-2018
  • Morale Committee 2018-2019
  • Director of Entertainment 2019-2020
  • Director of Morale  2020-2021

Favorite Jagathon Memory: "My first morale dance on stage at Jagathon 2019! I never knew that I would be the director three years later!"

Brandon Lacy

Hometown: New Albany, IN

Major: Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics minor


  • Monetary Partnerships Chair 2018-2019
  • Director of Campus Outreach 2019-2020
  • Director of Merchandise  2020-2021

Favorite Jagathon Memory: "Canning with my committee and getting a parking ticket it worth more than the money we got canning that night!"

Megan Massoels

Hometown: Rensselaer, IN

Major: American Sign Language/English Interpreting and Linguistics 


  • Family Relations Committee 2017-2018
  • Family Events Chair 2018-2019
  • Director of Family Relations 2019-2020
  • Director of Public Relations  2020-2021

Favorite Jagathon Memory: "Every year the Riley kid talent show is my favorite but Jagathon 2020 I was able to introduce our talents and be on the stage with them! So much fun hyping them up and seeing all their great skills!"

Zach Moser

Hometown: Plymouth, IN

Major: Tourism, Convention, and Event Management


  • Morale Committee 2017-2020
  • Social Chair for Morale  2020-2021

Favorite Jagathon Memory: "The last dance on stage every year!"

Mike Peña

Hometown: St. John, IN

Major: Finance


  • Social Media Chair 2018-2019
  • Director of Marketing 2019-2020
  • VP of Finance 2020-2021

Favorite Jagathon Memory: "Late nights in the Phil working on Jagathon!" 

Libby Rohr

Hometown: Seymour, IN

Major: Tourism, Convention, and Event Management


  • Fundraising Committee 2017-2018
  • Timeline Chair for Entertainment 2018-2019
  • Director of Merchandise 2019-2020
  • Director of Committee Relations 2020-2021

Favorite Jagathon Memory: "Doing a Fashion Show with the Riley Kids at Jagathon 2020 and doing Exec Karaoke and Rave at Jagathon 2020!"

Cassandra Sluis

Hometown: Tinley Park, IL

Major: Forensic and Investigative Sciences and Biology 


  • Logistics Committee 2019-2020
  • Family Relations Committee 2020-2021

Favorite Jagathon Memory: "Battleships!" 

Makenzie Smith

Hometown: Borden, IN

Major: MS in Tech focus in Organizational Leadership


  • Participant 2017-2018
  • Stewardship Chair 2018-2019
  • Director of Monetary 2019-2020
  • Director of Hospitality 2020-2021

Favorite Jagathon Memory: "Being able to be apart of the total reveal as a committee member in 2019 as we jumped $100k!"

Hannah Sparks

Hometown: Sellersburg, IN

Major: Bacherlor of Science in Biology 


  • Dance Communications Chair 2017-2018
  • Director of Committee Relations 2018-2019
  • Director of Community Engagement 2019-2020
  • Director of Alumni 2020-2021

Favorite Jagathon Memory: "My first reveal in 2019 when we increased $100,000!" 

Kat Tague

Hometown: Lafayette, IN

Major: Philanthropic Studies 


  • Letter Writing Chair 2018-2019
  • Stewardship Chair 2019-2020
  • Director of Recruitment 2020-2021

Favorite Jagathon Memory: "Marathon to Miracles last year when we raised $80,000 in 26.2 hours. It was so fun to be with everyone and seeing everyone's faces light up as they got donations. The supportive and encouraging atmosphere was so sweet and really made me remeber why I love Jagathon so much!" 

Courtney Turcheck

Hometown: Kokomo, IN

Major: General Studies 


  • Family Relations Chair 2019-2020
  • Director of Recruitment 2020-2021

Favorite Jagathon Memory: "Spending my first year on the Family Relations committee and getting to build connection with all the Riley kids in the Family Room!"

Chelsea Walker

Hometown: New Castle, IN

Major: Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene


  • Traditions Chair 2017-2018
  • Director of Community Engagement 2018-2019
  • VP of External Relations 2019-2020
  • President 2020-2021

Favorite Jagathon Memory: "Seeing everyone's faces during the 2020 reveal!"