Finance 2022


The Finance Division does just what you think they would! They oversee the overall Jagathon fundraising strategy including online, letter writing, volunteer fundraising, donor and sponsor relations, data tracking, and much more!! Allie Watson is the VP who oversees their division! If you want to hear about Allie and the rest of the Presidential Board check out the Prez Board Blog! Below are your 2022 Finance Directors!

Director of Accounting: Louie Wendall

First up is the Director of Accounting, Louie Wendall! Louie is a Sophomore and this is his first Executive Board Position with Jagathon! Louie's job is to track and oversee the finances online and offline for Jagathon! IMG_8001.jpg

  • Hometown: Lafayette, IN
  • Major: Duel degree through finance and economics, with a minor in health administration!
  • Future Career Goals: Financial analyst for a hospital
  • Fun Fact: Louie played three sports growing up, soccer, swimming, and golf. Hence, he is a huge sports fan. Louie also prefers movies over T.V. shows.
  • Favorite Jagathon Memory: Trunk or treat! Seeing all the Riley kids happy to see all of us.
  • Why does Louie dance?
    • Louie dances because he believes everyone deserves to have a happy life and so dancing for the children at Riley allows them to get the research they need done!

Director of Fundraising: Kayla Lemmon

Next up is the Director of Fundraising, Kayla Lemmon! Kayla is a Sophomore and was a Committee Member on Family Relations last year for her Freshman year! Kayla's position is what it sounds like, she knows all about fundraising! She helps plan the fundraising push days that we hold throughout the year!GroupMe_2021928_16537.jpeg

  • Hometown: Nineveh, IN 
  • Major: Business Management and a minor in Philanthropic Studies
  • Future Career Goals: attend Law School after graduation! 
  • Fun Fact: Kayla's eyes change colors based on her mood! She also loves being social and going outside!
  • Favorite Jagathon Memory: Her first time tabling!! She loved meeting new people and getting to know the organization!
  • Why does Kayla dance?
    • Kayla dances because of all of the amazing things Riley Hospital for Children did for her little cousin. She also dances because every kid deserves the opportunity to grow up and live the best life possible!

Director of Hospitality: Addison Misch

The next Director is Addison Misch! Addison is the Director of Hospitality! Addison is a junior and was previously on the Morale Committee! Addison's role is to connect with businesses to provide prizes, incentives, and meals for all 1,500 marathon attendees at the main event! She helps make everyone feel welcome to the events! GroupMe_2021928_16537.jpeg

  • Hometown:Markle, IN
  • Major: Art Education 
  • Future Career Goals: return to IUPUI and get masters in Art Therapy! Addison's career goal is to be an Art Therapist at a children’s hospital!
  • Fun Fact: Addison loves cherry twizzlers and she just started a vinyl collection!
  • Favorite Jagathon Memory: Meeting her Morale fam at dance practices and then dancing at the IUPUI sign!
  • Why does Addison dance?
    • Addison dances for the hospital that saved her life and that is continuing to support her brother!

Director of Monetary Partnerships: Janaki Dave

Next up is the Director of Monetary Partnerships, Janaki Dave! Janaki was a Participant Relations Committee Member in 2020 and the PIC chair on the Logistics Committee last year! Janaki is a junior and started her Jagathon adventure her freshman year! Her role is to help find companies who want to sponsor Jagathon via partnerships! She finds all of the amazing companies that want to collaborate with us!GroupMe_2021928_16537.jpeg

  • Hometown: Zionsville, IN 
  • Major:Neuroscience, Pre-Med
  • Future Career Goals: Neuropathologist
  • Fun Fact: Janaki plays 4 instruments! She plays the Trumpet, Piano, Flugelhorn, and French Horn. 
  • Favorite Jagathon Memory:
    Seeing her director shave his head her freshman year.
  • Why does Janaki dance?
    • Janaki dances to see the kids smile.

Director of Stewardship: Natalie Holmes

Last but not least, the Director of Stewardship! Natalie was involved with Jagathon as a Riley Kid before she came to IUPUI and became a Committee Member on the Marketing Committee in the fall of 2019! She then moved on to the Director of Campus outreach last year before her current position! Natalie's job is to send out thank yous and show gratitude from the organization to our generous donors!!GroupMe_2021928_16537.jpeg

  • Hometown: South Bend, IN 
  • Major: Forensic and Investigative Sciences (Minor in Chemistry)
  • Future Career Goals: Drug analyst for government agency
  • Fun Fact: Natalie has a Golden Retriever Service Dog named Marley, she has had 5 brain surgeries, has a collection of Stitch socks, and loves a wide range of TV shows and movies including Marvel!!
  • Favorite Jagathon Memory: Director Reveal for Jagathon 2021 
  • Why does Natalie dance?
    • Natalie dances because she has been a Riley kid practically her entire life and they have saved her life more times than she can count. This is her chance to give back and help them continue to save and change kids' lives!