External Relations 2022


The External Relations Division of Jagathon consists of the Vice President, Courtney Thompson, who oversees the 5 directors! Check out the blog post about the Presidential Board to hear about Courtney! Each director has a specific role that involves Jagathon with the public and Indianapolis Community! Meet your External Relations Directors below!!!

Director of Campus Outreach: Skylar Fleischman

First up is the Director of Campus Outreach, Skylar Fleischman! Skylar is a Junior and has been apart of Jagathon since her Freshman year! She was the Greenfield Central High School chair on the High School Dance Marathon Committee for her Freshman and Sophomore year! Skylar's role is to connect Jagathon to campus organizations at IUPUI!GroupMe_2021928_16537.jpeg

  • Hometown: Noblesville, IN and Nashville, IN 
  • Major: Psychology and Sociology
  • Future Career Goals: Pediatric Psychologist
  • Fun Fact: Skylar has been a manager for the IUPUI's Women's Soccer for the past 3 years! She also was the only girl on her high school's football team for three years, where she held the position of kicker! She was the first woman to ever score in her high school's football history!
  • Favorite Jagathon Memory: Taking boy band photos with Riley kid, Riley Lesh!
  • Why does Skylar dance?
    • Two of Skylar's three siblings, as well as herself, have all been patients at Riley. Her brother is alive today because of the work done at Riley. Her and her family will forever be grateful for the work that is done at Riley! Riley has inspired her future. Skylar was the founder of her high school's Dance Marathon, BCDM! She was also inspired to be a pediatric psychologist and a child health advocate!

Director of Community Engagement: Payten Ybanez

Next up is the Director of Community Engagement, Payten Ybanez! Payten is a Junior and has been apart of Jagathon since her Freshman year! Her previous positions are Committee Member for Campus Outreach and Chair for Campus Outreach! Payten's position helps connect Jagathon to the Indianapolis Community!GroupMe_2021928_16537.jpeg

  • Hometown: Plainfield, IN 
  • Major: Biology and Forensic & Investigative Science
  • Future Career Goals: Forensic Scientist
  • Fun Fact: Payten loves to bake and read. She is also a huge fan of Disney and anime!
  • Favorite Jagathon Memory: Attending the main event with her friends!
  • Why does Payten dance?
    • Payten dances for those who can't and their families! She also dance for the nurses, doctors, and volunteers who do everything in their power to help the kids at Riley Hospital.

Director of High School Dance Marathons: Olivia VanGordon

The next Director is Olivia VanGordan! Olivia is a Junior and the Director of High School Dance Marathons! She has held 2 positions in Jagthon! She was a chair for the High School Dance Marathons Committee her Freshman and Sophomore year! Olivia and her chairs oversee and help our 9 local high school Dance Marathons!

  • Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
  • Major: Nursing
  • Future Career Goals: Labor and Delivery Nurse
  • Fun Fact: Olivia has 6 dogs and played soccer for 13 years. She is a huge fan of Olivia Rodrigo, One Direction, and Harry Styles. 
  • Favorite Jagathon Memory: Jagathon 2020 reveal!
  • Why does Olivia dance?
    • Olivia dances for her brother Ean who was born with Spina Bífida and was born at Riley. She dances to thank the doctors, nurses, and staff for taking care of her brother all these years.

Director of Marketing: Lillian Broughton

Next up is the Director of Marketing, Lillian Broughton! Lillian is a Junior who started her journey with Jagathon her Freshman year as Special Ceremonies Committee Member! Last year she was a Committee Member on Marketing! Lillian's role is to make graphics for social media and marketing! She develops marketing strategies and works closely with Carolyn, the Director of Strategic Communication, to run the social media pages! GroupMe_2021928_16537.jpeg

  • Hometown: Pittsborro, IN 
  • Major: Photography 
  • Future Career Goals: Work in social media and do freelance work!
  • Fun Fact: Lillian loves all types of music and loves art history! She loves anything to do with the arts!
  • Favorite Jagathon Memory: Marathon 2 Miracles reveal her freshman year!
  • Why does Lillian dance?
    • Lillian dances because she believes that all kids should be able to live a happy and healthy life that flourishes as they grow!

Director of Strategic Communication: Carolyn Boone

Last but not least, the Director of Strategic Communication, Carolyn Boone! Carolyn is a Sophomore and began her Jagathon journey last year as a freshman! She was on the Entertainment Committee! Carolyn works with Lillian, the Director of Marketing, to man the social media pages. Her role is to help with social media engagement, work with the press, and run the website and this blog! (Yes, I am writing this about myself!) She is super excited to be a Director this year and has been loving all of the in-person events!GroupMe_2021928_16537.jpeg

  • Hometown: Borden, IN 
  • Major: Exercise Science
  • Future Career Goals: Physical Therapist
  • Fun Fact: Carolyn loves sports! She played volleyball for 8 years and tennis for 4 years! Her favorite sport to watch is football!
  • Favorite Jagathon Memory: Battleships 2021! This was Carolyn's first in-person Jagathon event and she had a great time!
  • Why does Carolyn dance?
    • Carolyn dances for the ones who can't and the families!