Jagathon Alumni Society


The Jagathon Alumni Society supports Jagathon through engagement and fundraising among the IUPUI campus and spreads out across the country. They celebrate the patients, families, and staff who have walked through Riley Hospital for Children’s doors, they share their Jagathon stories, and invite our community to join us in supporting all they do. Not only do they support Jagathon but they also encourage and ment current members and connecting with fellow Jagathon alumni. Read along to learn more about The Jagathon Alumni Society! 

How to get involved and join The Alumni Society? 

Jagathon Alumni Society would love to have anyone interested in supporting Jagathon in its mission join our group! You can simply email Emily Egbers, Jagathon Alumni Society’s Director of Membership, at eegbers@alumni.iu.edu, and they will add you to our email list. This will allow you to stay up to date on meetings, events, and all the details happening for Jagathon Alumni Society. 

What is your favorite Jagathon memory?