Addyson Wooldridge

Addyson was born with Spina Bifida, myelomeningocele, hydrocephalus and clubbed feet.  While quite a few of our experiences were at other hospitals we have had doctor’s appointments and surgeries at Riley.  Due to her Spina Bifida she was diagnosed with neurologic bladder that required surgery.  Her first surgery was done elsewhere but unfortunately her port did not stay open so she had to have a revision.  This surgery was done at Riley.  There is nothing scarier than sending your child into surgery.  Fortunately this time her surgery took and everything went well.  The nurses after her surgery were great and we were treated with upmost respect.  Since her surgery we have had a few infections that needed looked at and we have taken her to our local hospital.  Most of the time we would end up taking her to Riley a few days later as she was not healing.  We have started going to Riley specifically for any emergency need she has.  She still talks about the time she went to the emergency room and because she was a good girl she got presents.  And the nice nurse even gave her brother Leo a little something.  We are looking to have another surgery for her bladder this summer at Riley and know that she will have the best care and have wonderful nurses that care. 

Addyson is 5 years old going on 15.  She is very outgoing and knows what she wants.  Once she makes a new friend she does not stop talking.  She loves her big brother Leo, 8 yrs old, more than anything and he is her biggest cheerleader.  She loves to dance, swim, playing with play-do and kinetic sand, and play with dolls and Barbies.  Her favorite colors are Pink and Purple.  Her laugh is infectious and she is spoiled everywhere she goes.  She lights up a room when she smiles and everyone ask how we can say no to her because she is so cute.  She has low mobility and stability in her legs so she uses a walker and a wheelchair for long distances.  She does not let her situation stop her from living and is becoming more independent every day.