Kaylee Tutrow

After her younger brother, Keegan, found out that he had a Chiari 1 Malformation and a syrinx, Kaylee developed the same symptoms. The doctors said that both can be genetic, so she had an MRI done and received the same diagnosis as her brother. The lower portion of her cerebellum was herniating outside of the skull through the hole that the spinal cord enters, and she also had a pocket of CSF that had formed in the center of her spinal cord, destroying the tissue in the center of the spinal cord. She, along with her brother, had decompression surgery in 2008. Kaylee’s symptoms returned 6 months later, and she was diagnosed with Intracranial Hypertension. She had an L-P shunt put in, which was then converted to a V-P shunt. Kaylee is now a sophomore at IUPUI and the Director of Special Ceremonies for Jagathon.