Claire Blankenberger

Halfway through her freshman year of high school, Claire began getting sick. After many blood tests, she discovered that she was anemic and that she also had Acute Myeloid Leukemia and a rare genetic mutation called FLT3. She started chemo right away because, by that time, 86% of the cells in her body were cancerous. During her first round of chemo, Claire found out that she needed a bone marrow transplant, and luckily, her youngest sister was a perfect match and was her donor. She went through two more rounds of chemo at Riley Hospital for Children and had her transplant at St. Judes in Memphis, TN. In September 2016, Claire will be 4 years in remission. One more year and she will be considered cancer free! She is now a sophomore at IUPUI and will be applying to the IU School of Nursing. Claire can't say enough about Riley and all of the good things that they do. That is why she joined Jagathon- because she wants to give back. “So I dance. I dance for my friends in remission and for my friends who didn't make it. I dance for the kids who are unable to dance themselves. And I am going to keep dancing until there is a cure.”