Ali Nemeth

Ali's Riley story started at her sister Jordan's first check up where they discovered the PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosus) and heard a slight murmur (Ventricular Septal Defect VSD). She then had her first appointment at Riley. Their parents were told to come back when she was turned one. The hole didn't close off, so she had closed heart surgery at 18 months. No problems since besides a slight heart murmur! Her Riley story continues with the birth of her youngest sister, Trinity. At six days old, they received a call from the doctor to drive immediately down to Riley based off of test results they had received. At that time, her oxygen was only 82%. They were told to not stop for anything on the drive, and if her lips turn blue, go to closest ER. They found out she also had a VSD and coarctation of her aortic arch. Her first surgery was at eight days old. It was a closed heart surgery where they inserted a pulmonary band to relieve pressure in the ventricles and took as much of the narrowing out as possible in the aorta. At eleven months, she had her first open heart surgery where they removed the pulmonary band, put a patch on the VSD, and tried to get the narrowing under control again. They lost her on the table trying to take her off of bypass but revived her. Ali's family went home during recovery but had to come back because she became anemic due to the patch that was put in. It made the blood vessels shear. At three years, she had her first catheterization where they implanted a stent. At five years, her pressures changed around the stent so she had her second catheterization. They tried to extend stent but couldn't because of scarred tissue and they didn't want to rupture the aorta so they sent her for her second open heart where they tried to remove the pressure from the stent. Now she's seen once a year! Something may have to happen in the future- what or when they don't know- but whenever it's done it will be of a permanent nature so it won't have to be messed with again. Her Riley story finishes with herself when she had been having some issues with her heart her eigth grade year. She went to a cardiologist where she was put on a heart monitor to watch her rhythms, and they caught a heart episode where she was then diagnosed with Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT). She was then sent to Riley to have a catheterization. They thought they had gotten rid of all of the extra pathway in her heart causing the SVTs, but there wasn't a guarantee because it was in the hardest spot with the highest recurrence rate. The episodes came back a year later when she went to Riley to have another catheterization her freshman year of high school. Since then she is perfectly fine with no issues!