Mason Lee

Mason's Riley story began when he was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect. During the first three weeks of his life, he was not nursing well, not gaining weight, and was very lethargic. His pediatrician ordered an echocardiogram. Within an hour, Mason's family was asked to take Mason to Riley immediately and to pack an overnight bag.  Although they weren't admitted, more tests were conducted and Mason's first open heart surgery was scheduled. They were frightened, concerned and very worried, but at the same time, they were thankful that we were close to such a wonderful hospital with amazing physicians, and they were reassured by this. Mason has been an inpatient visitor of Riley three times, most stays before the age of three. However, he is a healthy 8 year old who is very active in baseball, swimming, and many other activities that boys his age enjoy. Mason will need additional heart surgeries throughout his lifetime.  The artificial conduit and heart valve that were used to repair his heart when he was 3 1/2 weeks old, are small, and they will not be able to keep up with Mason's growth, or eventually the valve may not work as well. They live every day to the fullest, and they know that when it is time for his next heart surgery, he will receive world class care at Riley.  The physicians, nurses, staff and care experts are what make Riley such a special place.