Kristopher Kauffman

Kristopher was adopted at birth, but was born to a birth mother who drank, smoked, and did not have good nutrition during her pregnancy. That caused Kristopher to be born 3 weeks premature, weighing 4 pounds 3 ounces, and with several medical issues. He has an overall muscle weakness, a vision issue called Congenital Nystagmus, and he was diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome at birth.  Kristopher spent 11 days in the NICU because the doctors were afraid that he would not survive.  At six months, they discovered he was not hitting the milestones that he should be, so they enrolled him a program called First Steps where he had physical, developmental, occupational, and speech therapy every week. Kristopher still has physical and developmental therapy through the school that he attends. Just recently, he started having double vision, which has made it hard to for him read his homework assignments and to compete in Special Olympic sports. Kristopher had surgery at the end of September on the muscles of his eyes and has done well. Several of his teachers have commented that they have never seen Kristopher have a ”bad” day.  Kristopher has a real fighting spirit and never gives up, and he can always find a way to get accomplished what he needs to get done!