CJ Kauffman

CJ was born on May 5, 1996 and was adopted in May of that same year. He hit all the milestones at all the right times during his first year but underwent surgery at one month old to fix a hernia. CJ recovered and again was doing well when his family got another shock when he turned 18 months old.  The daycare where his family took him called and said that CJ’s stomach had “hardened.” They rushed him to his pediatrician, who then sent them to Riley Hospital for Children.  They found that CJ had a 2-pound lymphangioma, which is a large gel filled sack, in his abdomen, and surgery was required to remove it. Because the area in question was so blurry on the x-ray, the doctors did not know what internal organs, if any, were involved.  His family was told that CJ could come out without a stomach, with a permanent colostomy bag, or worse, that it could be cancer.  Thankfully, the surgery went well. None of his vital organs were caught in this sack, so nothing else had to be removed or repaired. The lymphangioma has not returned, and CJ is now 20 years old and doing great thanks to the wonderful care he received at Riley Hospital.