Braedon Upchurch

Braedon was born via emergency C-section 3 months early, as his heart had begun to slow and then stop beating. Upon birth, it was diagnosed that Braedon was the recipient of a condition called Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS). This syndrome occurs when the stronger twin begins to take all the nutrients and blood flow from the placenta and the weaker twin is then deprived of these things.  Braedon was the weaker twin and required 3 blood transfusions within the first hours of his life due to extreme anemia.  During the next 11 weeks, Braedon developed many complications and almost died several times due to his prematurity, and he underwent numerous surgeries. Today, he is a perfectly healthy, rambunctious boy.  Braedon is an honor student, athlete, and very musically talented.