Paws for a Cause Week

Dile Wilson, SOAR member and brother of Phi Kappa Psi, greets students at the 2013 Paws for a Cause Philanthropy Fair.

A week dedicated to promoting the spirit of philanthropy on the IUPUI campus.

While the IUPUI Student Foundation is committed year-round to raising awareness on campus for different philanthropic causes, during Paws for a Cause Week, we make a push to educate students about the impact of philanthropy on IUPUI, the student organizations that are devoted to giving, and the importance of leaving a philanthropic legacy on campus.

Students might participate in any one of the following philanthropic events and activities:

Meet and Eat – Tuesday, April 28th – Students will have an opportunity to network with Alumni from different schools within IUPUI to hear about their philanthropic ventures.

Philanthropy Fair – Wednesday, April 29th – Campus organizations invested in philanthropy will be provided with a chance to share what they do with students.

Service Day – Thursday, April 30th – Students will get a chance to provide service by doing any of the following: donating blood during a blood drive, making ribbons for ovarian cancer and awareness month, and/or donating to the IUPUI Paws Pantry.Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 3.29.03 PM

In partnership with: Student Organization for Alumni Relations