Graduate Gift Program

Through the Graduate Gift Program, you can create a lasting legacy at IUPUI for $20.14.

$20.14 can buy a lot of things: 2 tickets to the movies, 20 songs, a couple of books. None of them are as meaningful as creating a legacy at IUPUI.

Through the Graduate Gift Program, members of the Class of 2014 can donate $20.14 to support a student-selected class project that will continue to improve the IUPUI campus community long after they graduate.

The Class of 2014 has selected xy as it’s official Graduate Gift Program project. _(DESCRIPTION of Project) _

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Every student who participates in the Graduate Gift Program will receive a free T-shirt, and will be recognized in the donor list on this page.

Class of 2014 T-shirt:

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Class of 2014 Donors:

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